Starterkit | Art.-No. KIT01

The Starterkit is delivered in a stable plastic suitcase and contains all componentes that are needed to build up a completely functioning AS-Interface network: a M-4 Master according to the latest specification V3.0, two Slaves, 230V power supply with data  decoupling  and  all  necessary installation material. Additionally only a PC with an USB2 interface is needed. On this PC the control and training software is installed.

The components in the suitcase are already interconnected so that – after installation of the software – everything is set to start with the first chapter of the training software. Apart from the power supply and the data decoupling all components are designed for industrial use. If not needed for the starterkit any more they may be integrated in real automation projects. The training software is based on the virtual academy of AS-International.

The Starterkit covers the following topics in detail:

  • General function of AS-Interface: how to build up a network, the function of the data and energy distribution. In this chapter the installation rules for a trouble free operation are discussed.
  • AS-Interface Power24: the potential of this latest extension of the specification is discussed. Learn all about the use of a normal 24V power supply instead of the standard AS-Interface PSU.
  • The CTT-communication protocols: how the data transfer of bytes, words or data blocks of up to 32 bytes takes place on a bit-oriented field bus. 
  • The application of the CTT2 protocol for the analogue data transfer between a slave and the master: how does it work and what features can be exploited.
  • The parametrisation of slaves: writing and reading of parameters: how does it work and what can you do with it.   
  • The network diagnosis: what kind of diagnosis information does AS-Interface deliver, what diagnosis data does the AS-Interface master offer and how they are interpreted.

The current software version is 1.3.0.

Accessories and Downloads for this product

Training software for AS-Interface (included in the product KIT01)

Article No. AE020

Software-Setup for Version 1.3.0

The current Software version of the AS-iCommander for free download...

Firmware-Setup for Version 1.6.5

The current firmware version of the AS-iCommander for free download...

Sample programs for the integrated PLC

Here you can find sample programs for the PLC in the AS-iCommander

ReadMe for Software-Setup for Version 1.3.0

 general informations for Software Version 1.3.0...

Technical Data of the AS-Interface Starterkit

     Brief technical description of the Article No. KIT01..

Handbook Starterkit Version 1.3.0

The handbook for the starterkit in English language...

Application report of the University of Applied Sciences in South Westfalia

On the use of the starter kit in university education