AS-i_Pilot | Art.-No. MP010









  • Master powered by AS-Interface network, voltage range 19.0...31.6V
  • AS-Interface Power24V compatible
  • Current consumption < 100mA
  • serial interface (emulated via USB2), Micro-USB connector, transfer speed up to 500kBit/s
  • dimensions 70 x 40 x 28mm, mountable on 35mm DIN-rail
  • Master-Profile M-4
  • unified and simple access to binary, digital and analogue process data via ASCII command and responses
  • numerous diagnosis informations available


Accessories and Downloads for this product

2-pole connector with screw terminals (yellow). One connector is delivered with the AS-i_Pilot)

ICS Article no. ZS018 (5 pieces per packing unit)

Technical Data of the AS-Interface M-4 Master MP010

Technical Description of the article no. MP010 (English)...

Interface command and response definition AS-i_Pilot Version 0.9.5

The definition of the interface commands and responses for the AS-i_Pilot (German)...