AS-Interface Master, Commander and Pilot

All M-4 Masters from ICS with the name "AS-i_Pilot" have a serial interface which can be conrolled by ASCII commands. These products, therefore, do not need special software to communicate, they can be controlled by freely available terminal programs, by data aquisistion programs, by simulation programs or soft PLC programs. The AS-i_Pilot PCB MP003 additionally is the ideal complement to Raspberry Pi Applications, because it has nearly the same size as the new Raspberry Pi Zero.

All Masters of ICS GmbH can be controlled by the AS-iCommander software. This software may be downloaded free of charge from our download area. It runs under Windows XP SP2 and newer. With the software networks can be configured and managed, diagnosis functions are available and PLC programs can be written, tested and executed. As programming languages function plan (FUP) according to IEC61131-3 or 'Python' are available. Alternatively, if you have your own cotrol software and want to integrate the masters, you may use our software library ASiConnect.